Friday, January 4, 2013


Below is the reasons I do swagbucks. Right now there is a promotion where you can get 100 swagbucks right now for just signing up. Sign up now and find out great ways to earn some extra money for things you do already.

Why would you spend time saving up for swagbucks? It doesn't give you a high turn around and is it really legit? Well, let me tell you a few reasons I do swagbucks.

1. $5--it isn't a lot but an extra $5 a month to spend on coffee and those little extras are kind of nice   to have on a regular basis. It is also nice to have if you are shopping for Christmas gifts.

2. Spend a lot of time online searching the web and watching videos? why not earn money while doing it?

You might not add up point up really fast. It is more like saving your pennies for a bigger pay out. I have used Swagbuck gift cards to get starbucks coffee, food, and craft supplies. They are just great to have and you should try it too. Here are a few ways you can earn swagbucks easily.

1. Polls--everyday visit the swagbucks website to vote on poll ideas and get a swagbuck just for voting. You can also submit your own ideas for a chance to win 100 swagbucks.

2. NOSO-- everyday visit the website to earn an extra two swagbucks every day for just following the NOSO path. You can stop along the way to sign up their offeres but I usually just use it to earn some swagbucks.

3. Swagbucks TV--watch movie trailers, how to, and much more. Only draw back with this one  is that you have to watch 10 movies to get three swagbucks or if you have a smart phone you only have to watch 5 at a time to get two swagbucks.

4. Searches--I have made swagbucks my main search engine and that yeilds 6-11 swagbucks every now and then. Also every now and then, I'll get more then the 6-11 swagbucks but it doesn't happen very often for me.

5. Referrals-- this is probably the fastest way to get swagbucks without having to put much work into it. You can earn up 10% swagbucks from each referral you have to the site for life. This is more money you can get for every person you get to sign up. What is better then that?

I have given you many great reasons to try swagbucks. So, please help me out and be one of my referrals as you start your swagbucks journey by clicking any of the linked swagbucks. It will help me out to produce some more craft creations for this blog. Thank you so much!

Also right now, everyone that you get to sign up will get 10% referral swagbucks for life! Please help me out!

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